Source code for boticordpy.client

import typing
import logging

from . import types as boticord_types
from .http import HttpClient
from .autopost import AutoPost
from .exceptions import MeilisearchException

_logger = logging.getLogger("boticord")

[docs]class BoticordClient: """Represents a client that can be used to interact with the BotiCord API. Note: Remember that every http method can return an http exception. Args: token (:obj:`str`) Your bot's Boticord API Token. version (:obj:`int`) BotiCord API version (Default: 3) """ __slots__ = ("http", "_autopost", "_token", "_meilisearch_api_key") http: HttpClient def __init__(self, token: str = None, version: int = 3): self._token = token self._meilisearch_api_key = None self._autopost: typing.Optional[AutoPost] = None self.http = HttpClient(token, version)
[docs] async def get_bot_info( self, bot_id: typing.Union[str, int] ) -> boticord_types.ResourceBot: """Gets information about specified bot. Args: bot_id (Union[:obj:`str`, :obj:`int`]) Id of the bot Returns: :obj:`~.types.ResourceBot`: ResourceBot object. """"Requesting information about bot") response = await self.http.get_bot_info(bot_id) return boticord_types.ResourceBot.from_dict(response)
[docs] async def post_bot_stats( self, bot_id: typing.Union[str, int], *, servers: typing.Optional[int] = None, shards: typing.Optional[int] = None, users: typing.Optional[int] = None, ) -> boticord_types.ResourceBot: """Post Bot's stats. .. warning:: None of the values must be equal to 0. Specify None instead of 0. Args: bot_id (Union[:obj:`str`, :obj:`int`]) Id of the bot to post stats of. servers ( Optional[:obj:`int`] ) Bot's servers count shards ( Optional[:obj:`int`] ) Bot's shards count users ( Optional[:obj:`int`] ) Bot's users count Returns: :obj:`~.types.ResourceBot`: ResourceBot object. """"Posting bot stats") response = await self.http.post_bot_stats( bot_id, {"servers": servers, "shards": shards, "members": users} ) return boticord_types.ResourceBot.from_dict(response)
[docs] async def get_server_info( self, server_id: typing.Union[str, int] ) -> boticord_types.ResourceServer: """Gets information about specified server. Args: server_id (Union[:obj:`str`, :obj:`int`]) Id of the server Returns: :obj:`~.types.ResourceServer`: ResourceServer object. """"Requesting information about server") response = await self.http.get_server_info(server_id) return boticord_types.ResourceServer.from_dict(response)
[docs] async def get_user_info( self, user_id: typing.Union[str, int] ) -> boticord_types.UserProfile: """Gets information about specified user. Args: user_id (Union[:obj:`str`, :obj:`int`]) Id of the user Returns: :obj:`~.types.UserProfile`: UserProfile object. """"Requesting information about user") response = await self.http.get_user_info(user_id) return boticord_types.UserProfile.from_dict(response)
async def __search_for(self, index, data): """Search for something on BotiCord""" if self._meilisearch_api_key is None: token_response = await self.http.get_search_key() self._meilisearch_api_key = token_response["key"] try: response = await self.http.search_for( index, self._meilisearch_api_key, data ) except MeilisearchException: token_response = await self.http.get_search_key() self._meilisearch_api_key = token_response["key"] response = await self.http.search_for( index, self._meilisearch_api_key, data ) return response["hits"]
[docs] async def search_for_bots( self, **kwargs ) -> typing.List[boticord_types.MeiliIndexedBot]: """Search for bots on BotiCord. Note: You can find every keyword argument `here <>`_. Returns: List[:obj:`~.types.MeiliIndexedBot`]: List of found bots """"Searching for bots on BotiCord") response = await self.__search_for("bots", kwargs) return [boticord_types.MeiliIndexedBot.from_dict(bot) for bot in response]
[docs] async def search_for_servers( self, **kwargs ) -> typing.List[boticord_types.MeiliIndexedServer]: """Search for servers on BotiCord. Note: You can find every keyword argument `here <>`_. Returns: List[:obj:`~.types.MeiliIndexedServer`]: List of found servers """"Searching for servers on BotiCord") response = await self.__search_for("servers", kwargs) return [ boticord_types.MeiliIndexedServer.from_dict(server) for server in response ]
[docs] async def search_for_comments( self, **kwargs ) -> typing.List[boticord_types.MeiliIndexedComment]: """Search for comments on BotiCord. Note: You can find every keyword argument `here <>`_. Returns: List[:obj:`~.types.MeiliIndexedComment`]: List of found comments """"Searching for comments on BotiCord") response = await self.__search_for("comments", kwargs) return [ boticord_types.MeiliIndexedComment.from_dict(comment) for comment in response ]
[docs] def autopost(self) -> AutoPost: """Returns a helper instance for auto-posting. Returns: :obj:`~.autopost.AutoPost`: An instance of AutoPost. """ if self._autopost is not None: return self._autopost self._autopost = AutoPost(self) return self._autopost